Two friends here in MERIDIAN IDAHO, loved game night and spending time with friends and family. They wanted to develop a game that was easy to learn. A game that could adapt to any number of people and that had enough strategy they would never tire of playing.


They created Tapped Four. A card game that is simple strategy, that can be adapted to any family size or amount of friends. It is simple enough that you can enjoy your time with friends rather than thinking about your next move. It is strategic enough it doesn’t get boring.

Learn How To Play

We are so excited for you to start playing. Watch this quick video on How to Play. Invite your friends over. Have a great time with this strategic yet easy to learn card game.

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Fun with Friends

Fun with Family

I didn’t know what to expect with the game but heard a lot of good things about it. I asked my grandsons who are 17, 15 and 12 if they wanted to play with me and they agreed. We all watched the “How to Play” video and started playing immediately. Next thing I knew they were playing cut throat against me then teaming up with different ones against others. We were leaving and had to stop the game but when we returned home, we started up again. They enjoyed it so much when they went home they grabbed my deck and took it with them. I would recommend this game to others.



A quick note to let you know how much my extended family loves your game! I heard about it through my brother-in-law, who lives in Cohoes, NY.  I was on a visit with his son’s family and three of them were playing Tapped Four.  
At a subsequent family gathering, we brought along the game and a bunch of us learned it.  It definitely was fun and we all began talking about “who” we could buy the set for.
I appreciated the ease with which one could learn the game and the ability to create different strategies in order to “win”!  It is perfect for young and old.
Thank you for being a part of our fun!



New York

Played this game with my 90-year old Aunt Mae. She’s not a card player, but once she figured this game out, she was addicted. This is a great mind game for seniors. Then I played the game with my friend, Gary. We were only going to play a few rounds, but kept playing because it is fun, and addictive. We both like that this is a strategic game. I’m jonesing to play it again and again.

Yvonne & Gary

New York





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