We have played this game with a group of 10 people and a smaller group. It is a fun game. And….it does not take up a lot of room when packed on our Harley during a trip. It was also easy to learn.


Our family is really enjoying the Tapped Four game. It is interesting and challenging enough for adults, but easy enough for kids to play also. We have played with groups of 8-12 and ages 7 to 70.


First off, the card quality is awesome. Perfect shuffling right out the box.
Second, this game is easy to learn and teach. We’ve played this with 40 different people now, and everyone catches on within 1 game, and wants to play many rounds.
You won’t be sorry, this is an easy choice to add to your collection.


We play this constantly!! It’s perfect for up to 6 people. And apparently the bigger sets are just more of this so we plan to just buy another travel set if we ever wanna play with more than 6 people.
My kids all play, as young as 7 years old. Moves fast enough with enough skill plus luck to keep it interesting. New fave



Tapped Four is a fun group game. It doesn’t take long to learn and can be played while having light conversation. I would recommend buying a card shuffler unless you can shuffle large decks of cards by hand.


Very fun game, my Brother in-law Ken, purchased the card game at a Holiday show in Denver. We played it over Thanksgiving. We had so much fun we had to buy 3 more games so all of our kids would have their own set. On Christmas we played it several times with the grandkids, the youngest one is 6, he did great! It is a simple game, you can talk and play at the same time. Everyone loved it.


Denver, CO

This is a super fun game for game night. Every time we take it to play with friends people always end up buying the game before we even leave the party!


Excellent quality and fast shipping! 10/10 the most fun new card game i have played in a while.



My cousin brought this game to teach us.  We had so much fun playing Tapped Four.  We keep craving to play more.  We play a lot of cards, but this is addictive.  We’re ordering games for all our family!  “It’a fun, eh?!”

Cliff & Kerry

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My family introduced me to Tapped Four at our last Reunion.  Oh my goodness, I LOVE THIS GAME.  I have shared it will all my neighbors in my little community.  They are now sharing it with their families.  This game is spreading.  cool


We played this at some friends home. We liked it so much, we purchased it for ourselves the next day. After having several other friends over to play, they all liked it so much they purchased it also.
It is easy to play. There is strategy to it. And you don’t have to have a card shuffler for that huge deck. The number of players is versatile, anywhere from 2 to 8.

Big Ragu

A new favorite! We were gifted this game and had so much fun playing with everyone! I love that so many can play young and old! This is amazing and I loved even more hearing about the games creation when I looked it up! So wonderful thank you so much!


This game is so easy to learn. My 5 year old and eight year old enjoy playing it. It’s fun for the whole family. We took the game to a family reunion picnic and it was a great activity. I would highly recommend it!



You could play this game with everyone!  You can think you’re winning, but that could change really fast….I got the Tapped Out card three times!!!!!

Zanden (age 10)

I really like this game because it is simple to play and understand, but a very strategic game that can turn intense.  I give it 5 stars. *****

Taryn (age 14)


I may be a kid, but I love this game and it was easy to learn.  So fun to play.  Glad my Grammie bought this game.

Jacob (age 8)

New Mexico

I’d give this a 10 out of 10!!!  It’s a fun game for families, because everyone has a chance to play.

Caitlin (age 12)

An amazing game to play!  Love the game!!!  Played it with my 18 yr old and he loves the strategy behind the game. We have played it for hours.



Just wanted to let you know that Tapped Four has been approved by the teen set.  Our 14 year old granddaughter is staying with us and we have played this game every day.  She really likes it!!  So does my husband Steve, and he’s not crazy about playing card games.  It’s a WINNER!!!



Tapped Four is a great family game that brings out some fun competition!  Exciting to play with any age… I can’t get enough!


An immediate hit with everyone in a card-playing-fanatic family!! It was enjoyed by all at Easter, but can’t wait to play it again and again!! I’d like to order 5 sets to begin and more later, for certain!



I like Tapped Four because I learned how to play in less than ten minutes and now I’m teaching all my friends how to play.  It’s easy, fun and can be played with any age.


I was taught how to play Tapped Four.  I enjoyed it and have now played it 5 times and now I love it!  It’s by far my favorite card game!



This game is sooooooo amazingly awesome AND VERY ADDICTING. I Absolutely love love love it!!



The more people you get to play with the more fun you have! With the perfect mix of strategy and chance, no game is ever the same.



This game has turned out to be a family favorite!  We play for hours and have the best time strategizing and laughing together.  Now my 8 year old is hooked!  Thanks Tapped Four


Just bought 4 games of Tapped Four.  I am planning on giving them to my grandkids for Christmas.  Perfect size for a Stocking Stuffer.  I already had the game and have played it and loved it.  The strategy is amazing.  I learn a new way to beat my friends each time I play.

5 Stars!!!!


I got this game for my twin boys age 9.  We played it the other day with friends and my boys loved it and couldn’t wait to get our own and play at home.



Just got Tapped Four this weekend!!! Super fun game. It’s super easy to learn, fast paced, great game. I played with my daughter all weekend. I walked in the door after work today, first thing she says “wanna play?” We love this game.



Wanted you to know I received the game shortly after ordering it.  Thanks for mailing it out so quickly.  I have been playing with my daughter and others.  We love the game!!



My nine year old daughter, took it to school last week for Fun Friday and the 3rd graders loved it!  I was happy to hear she was able to explain how to play so easily to her friends! 



In all my years of playing and learning new games, this game is the BEST.  It’s fast and challenging!!!!!  I’m so addicted.



We love Tapped Four.  My family loves it, my friends love it and we keep sharing with those we know.  A Great Game!!

Mary Ann


Game was super fun to play, super addicting. We played with Grandma and Grandpa, a 10 year old, and everyone in between. Everyone has a blast, and had a fair chance a winning. 10/10 would buy again!


Friends introduced us to the game. Great family fun. Invite your friends over play a game or two. Strategy, fast play and laughs!



I was admittedly skeptical of trying this game. Once we got into it and figured out how to play, it was lots of fun! Instructions are a little difficult at first, but worth the time to learn. This is a great game for family and friends!


We love Tapped Four. I caved in and gave each of my five children Tapped Four this summer during our beach vacation, instead of waiting for Christmas, which was my original plan. We played the extended version at the beach with the max of 11 people. Everyone loves the game!






It’s very easy to catch on and the game takes around 10 minutes per round. Perfect game to play before bed time because it didn’t take a lot of time to play a quick round with my young kids.



Love Tapped Four! Anyone can quickly learn the game and enjoy playing it.