We are having a great month playing games and spreading the word about Tapped Four.

1. We were just thinking, with the Corona-virus, how about a GREAT game to play, while you are trapped indoors. Everyone is out shopping for toilet paper, wouldn’t you rather shop for a fun game…..

2. We went to Scentsy and had lunch in their great cafeteria, then played Tapped Four.
I went up to a table of 8 women who were about to play some random game and handed them a few of our business cards and said if you want a much better game and more fun game than what you were going to play, check out Tapped Four, then I walked back to our table.
They called me back and said, you don’t just drop a card and tell us about some game and walk away. I laughed and went back and told them more about our game.
They asked be to sit and show them how to play. So the 9 of us played quite a few rounds. I said, wasn’t I right, didn’t you like Tapped Four and aren’t you glad we played.
They said they loved how easy it was to learn and asked if I had some with me to sell. OF COURSE, I carry games to sell.
They bought 3 and asked for more, but wanted the Expansion Game, so we are meeting up later to do that sale.
Marilyn was at our original table, asked another couple of gals if they were interested in playing, they said they just wanted to watch. Well they did, then bought a game.
A very productive day at Scentsy. We can’t wait to go again and see who we can teach to play.