When you get your game this is what you can expect.

To shuffle the cards, put all the cards in the center of the table and mix well.  Like you are mixing a cake.

This is how you set-up to play.

First draw four cards and place them face down (no peaking) in front of you on the table.

Then draw 4 more cards and place face up, on top of the down cards.

So far, so good…..   Now draw 11 cards and arrange them in order from high to low, or low to high, whatever. It just helps to have them organized to play.

All players choose and arrange their cards the same way.  All remaining cards are moved out of play to the discard pile.

It is now time to choose a player to be first, you decide, oldest, youngest, or whoever.  Then after each round the player to the left will start the following game rounds.


“Tap in, but don’t get Tapped Out”