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Created in Meridian, Idaho, USA

Tapped Four is a game of strategy, laughter and luck that is always changing. We wanted our friends and family to enjoy playing over and over again. Our wish was to create great memories while having fun. Tapped Four can be played with 6, 8 or a party of 11 players..

Tapped Four has been widely accepted and is getting great reviews.

We are sure everyone will love it!


Easy to Learn
Fun To Play



Graphic designer and business owner that produces plastic and wood products. Marilyn is an avid game player and she is excited to invite everyone to play Tapped Four.



Experienced in managing and leading business teams, and knowledgeable in social media. Dorene is passionate about playing games and hosts game night in her home every week.

What do you do for entertainment when in a city you don’t know, or you are tired of other games?  Tapped Four is awesome!!!!  I can not wait for the first run to get shipped and I am not even a game playing person.  After spending a few nights playing this game, I am still strategizing in my head.  The directions should come with a warning…..HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!



I play this game almost every night with two others. I love playing this game. You have to try it. It’s lots of fun and very addictive. The rounds we play are only a few minutes long. We either set a time limit to stop or play till whoever scores 250 (which is the loser). We’re always saying just one more game. LOL


New York

I love this game. It is awesome! I played it for the first time this past week. It is amazing!! I could not get enough of it. I haven’t played it for 2 days now and I am jonesing to play again. I see it as a family game night, and addictive game as no other. I enjoyed every minute I played and one game is not enough. It is hours of fun. I highly recommend this game to anyone who just wants to have fun. A +++++++++







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